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Welcome to Lo-Cost Lockmith Services website

Lo-Cost Locksmith Services is an independent locksmith service based in Leicestershire offering a professional locksmith service to both domestic and commercial customers throughout Leicestershire and surrounding areas. Whether you need us straight away to obtain access, change locks or deal with a lock problem, or by appointment to upgrade or fit extra locks for you, we are on hand to help with a friendly service that is second to none. The majority of our business arrives through recommendation from existing and past customers. We pride ourselves in offering a competitively priced, high quality locksmith service with excellent after care.

Top 10 Reasons people should change locks and be in control of home security:

  • Moved into a new home? - Install new locks!  How many copies have been made and who has one?
  • Lost house keys? - Change your locks.  You don’t know who’s had them or copied them!
  • Kids have keys? - Change the locks frequently. Kids are kids and they lose keys, need we say more.
  • Given spare key to workmen or other professionals? - Change your locks!  Who knows where the workman has been or who’s got your key.
  • Landlord or Share a house? - Fit new locks!  You don’t know how many copies have been made or who’s got them.
  • Old/difficult locks? - Replace old locks!  Old locks fail – when it’s wet, windy and cold!  New locks are more reliable and more secure.
  • Separation / divorce? - Install new locks!  Separation is hard enough but sometimes it’s not amicable.
  • Break-in or attempted break-in? - Change all your locks immediately!  Burglars take any spare keys they find – and they come back!
  • Key-holding friend moved away? - Fit new locks!  Who else has had access to them?  Have they been copied?
  • Regular updating! - Change your locks regularly!  Regular renewal upgrades your security and up-to-date locks help you comply with insurance company requirements!

 Everyone will experience at least one of these situations!


And when you do, all you have to do is contact Lo-Cost Locksmith!

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Great prices for EVERYONE:
You, your mum and dad, NHS, Essential services, even landlords ...

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  • Locks Repaired / Replaced
  • Non destructive entry techniques
  • Nationally Certified
  • All Work Guaranteed & Fully Insured
  • CRB Checked
  • Local Locksmith - No Call Centre
  • All work undertaken
  • Rapid response.

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